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Coming Home

7 day, 6 night of total bliss
yoga + meditation + breathwork
nourishing food
spa + massage treatments
inspiring workshops
jungle trekking
purification ceremonie
cultural immersion
the next date
is yet to be defined
for those who need a reset
and all the other goodness this magical island has to offer
my story

Hello, friends - I'm gonna start to call you all my friends because we're about to get to know each other very closely. My name is Pritha, and I'm a certified multi disciplinary yoga teacher who grew up in Bali, Indonesia. Currently living between Bali and The Netherlands, where I stay in Canggu and Zoetermeer, two very different worlds.

I was born in the city of Yogyakarta before my parents moved our entire life to Bali Island when I was 5 and my brother was 1 year old. Naturally, Bali became my home. The only place where I can truly be myself, feel safe,
and walk bare-feet with the sand between my toes.

I started yoga in 2007, I was 'made' to go to a yoga class by my friend who was living in Bali at the time. We both used to work for Rip Curl International based in their Bali office. My job as their global footwear designer made my life so busy with designing and traveling. I loved all the adventures that came with the job, I just didn't like the idea of waking up extra early in the morning (at 5am) so that we can join a 6.30am yoga class before going to work! But I went with her anyway, just to make her happy. 90minutes later when the class ended, I couldn't stopped talking about it. I was so high on yoga. I fell so deeply in love with yoga right then and never missed a day without my yoga practice.

I'm certified on Hatha, Vinyasa, Fly High Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Restorative Yoga,Thai Yoga Massage

and Myofasial Release. In 2018 a friend and I opened our own yoga school called Zenang Yoga & More, situated in the heart of Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, where I teach almost everyday.

My yoga practice has become a pillar of strength in my life. It's a sacred practice that I choose not to live without.

Yoga has given me space and time when others have not. Yoga changed my perspective on life completely. I believe everyone in this world can benefit from yoga practice physically and mentally from a regular yoga practice and with your permission, I'd like to share my yoga practice with all of you.

Big Leaf
the retreat
Coming Home is an invitation from me to you, my friends, to join a journey into the most sacred place
of my heart and soul. This journey to the place that I call my home is guaranteed to be a profound heart opening adventure that I would love for you to experience with me.
When I used to live in Bali, all the magic this island has to offer became very normal to me. I took it for granted. The lush of the jungle, the salty air of the sea, the shadows of the coconut trees, the colorful & nourishing food and most importantly all the good and relaxing massages, spiritual healing, yoga, and meeting a lot friends for food or simply just for sunrise or sunset walks everyday. Now, after living in The Netherlands for 2 years, I crave for that intimacy with people, nature and the sunshine. I miss how mama Bali has taken care of me all my life.

Now the time has arrived for me to take you on this special journey that I've been longing for.
I would like you, my friends, to meet my sacred island. The island that has shaped me into who I am right now.
This blissful yoga & wellness retreat have been carefully designed to nurture you in through the process of nourishing your soul, so that you can feel rejuvenated, relaxed and reborn.
I invite you to journey to a place where you can meet yourself just as you are with loving kindness and gift you with ancient yogic tools to continue to find your way back home to your very essence - where your heart truly lies.
In this 7 day, 6 night Coming Home Retreat, we will reclaim our true self through meditation, purification ceremony, yoga practices, mindful walks in nature, star gazing, swim in waterfalls, eating nourishing healthy food, inspiring workshops that will benefit your self development, getting to know the beauty of Balinese art & culture, and loads of massages, spa treatments, coconut water, sunshine, laughter, and great times.
what to expect


+ 7 days & 6 nights accommodation
+ Airport transfers return to Ngurah Rai Airport

+ Daily healthy organic breakfast and dinner
Daily morning & afternoon yoga classes

+ Daily guided meditation and Pranayama (breathwork)
+ Inspirational masterclass from curated guest teacher
+ Balinese cooking workshop

+ Balinese offering/blessing workshop
+ Jungle trekking
+ Purification Ceremony
+ 60min Balinese massage
+ 120min Balinese spa treatment

+ Unlimited access to swimming pool
+ Unlimited access to free wi-fi


- Ticket and travel expenses to and from Bali

- Laundry service
- Daily Lunch (lunch is only included when you're taking Balinese cooking workshop)

- Visa (most countries get a 30 day visa on arrival)

- Other off retreat personal expenses

- Travel insurance including medical, loss and trip cancellation or interruption insurance



Anyone who wants to explore their spirituality and find themselves
Anyone who wants to get away from their busy & hectic life
Anyone who wants to be fully pampered in a jungle paradise
Anyone who wants to rejuvenate and find their inner peace
Anyone who wants to explore and connect to nature
Anyone who needs to reset


Anyone who isn't willing to dive deep & reconnect to themselves
Anyone who isn't willing to meet new people and to work in groups
Anyone who isn't open to try new things


• Book your flight ticket once you received the confirmation of this retreat.
• Please check with your GP/doctors if you need to update your vaccinations prior to traveling to Indonesia.

• Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

the jungle paradise

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1.750 Euro per person
(based on 2 people sharing)


2 single beds

villa size 62 m2
private balcony and bathroom

jungle view
free wi-fi
air conditioned


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1.950 Euro per person
(the villa is for 1 person only)

1king sized bed

Villa size 52 m2

private balcony and bathroom

jungle view

free wi-fi

air conditioned


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early birds

Early Bird is valid until the 15th of March 2020 and must be paid in full upon booking your spot.

Early Birds Price for Twin Shared Villa
(shared villa for two person in one villa)

Normal Rate: 1.750 Euro • Early Birds: 1.650

This link below will take you to see more pictures and

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